Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I missed my hometown...

One fine morning, one great breakfast with a friend at Malayan Mansion, Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

an indian morning

my morning street shot at Little India (leboh ampang)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

kampungs and wedding

the groom and the bride's entourage

the kitchen annexe

food preps


my grandma's backyard

A kampung (village) wedding ceremony, my cousin Uni, married for a second time, this even was held in my grandma house in a small village called Kedai Empat (literally means four shops)

Just a simple reception where friends and family gathered and catching up with each other

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

brothy broth

the inner parts of the poultry

the stall, the preps

the non-alcoholic beverages station

Small but always congested with people, this weathered soup stall is situated at the back of Keramat Supermarket in Chow Kit (jalan Haji Hussien), with pot full of cows or lamb's parts and they even serve the well-known “torpedo” soup (bull's penis soup)

A well kept secret of traditional herbs mixture is the foundation of this delicious meal, best to go together with plain white bread, nasi lemak and wash away with teh tarik

this is a total street food and one of the best indian-muslim cuisine in malaysia

wanna try?

(all photos were taken in 2008, in one of my late night photo crawlin')


at Pasar Senin (Monday market)

taken somewhere along the roadside of Kwitang, JKT

mie ayam (chicken floss w. noodle) oh i missed this one

snack vendor in Kwitang, JKT

the famous mangga 2 shopping mart

Jakarta is the capital and major city of Indonesia. It also has a superior population than any other capital in Southeast Asia. Situated on the northwest of Java island, Jakarta is the country's economic, cultural and political center and also is the twelfth-largest city in the world

The hasty population increase has outgrown the government's capability to present fundamental needs for its populaces. Jakarta has fascinated a hefty number of job seeker from other cities. The inhabitants during weekdays are nearly twice that of weekends, Jakarta also endures a harsh traffic jam that seems to be forever. Air pollution and waste managing are also severe problems.

Despite of all those grim images, Jakarta is also one of the center for art culture in South East Asia where music and other arty movement has always been well respected through out the world…cheers to that

it's love and hate alrite :)

(all photos were taken during my visits to bdg-jkt in 2008)

Fish in a hot soup

Bakso (siomay) vendor in Bandung

Indonesian, they love to eat, you can find this mini mobile foodstall almost everywhere

Siomay is a light snack which is close cousin the to Chinese Dim Sum, It is by tradition made from mackerel fish meat top with peanut gravy. One well-known selection of Siomay is "siomay bandung". To go together with siomay bandung are steamed cabbage, potatoes, bitter gourd and tofu,

This photo was taken somewhere in Jalan Merak, Bandung during my visit to Indonesia last year

*Bakso are meatballs which are usually bowl served, like soup, with noodles, tofu and eggs.